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Would you like to understand the relationship between Home Health Care Products, Medical Equipment and pharmacies that could provide these equipment and services especially in the United States? These three elements have an intricate connection when it comes to providing adequate patient health care; something that we will surely explore.

Before we begin explaining the function of the pharmacy as a supplemental healthcare provider and supplier, let us first define a few terms and concepts that may be used throughout this particular text.


HHC Products

The first among the few terms that we need to understand would be HHC. This particular acronym stands for Home Health Care. As implied, this term refers to products and equipment that primarily are used for medical care of the sick within the confines of the home.
While simple medical products could be easily bought from the drugstore as staples such as rubbing alcohol, cotton, and other emergency medications, there are many more medical products needed to take care of the sick especially ones who had just gotten out of the hospital.

The primary purpose of HHC products is to simulate an environment similar to that of the hospital so that it could become an easier transition for the patient the moment he comes home. It is also believed that this particular type of arrangement at home will foster quicker recovery for the patient as well as the family itself.

Some of the commonly used HHC products are as follows:

  • Syringes
  • Bedpans
  • Dextrose
  • Tubes
  • Durable Medical Equipment


Along with Home Healthcare Products, there’s also a need for the DME or Durable Medical Equipment if you truly want to promote optimum patient care at home while preventing drastic changes in the environment that may affect patient recovery negatively.
These particular types of equipment include hospital beds, nebulizers, oxygen tanks, and other similar types of equipment that could help the patient recover faster down the line. These DME machines are important because it can aid in providing emergency patient care if necessary without having to make an effort to reach the hospital as soon as possible.

Of course, one has to remember that these pieces of equipment should only be operated by medical technicians and other related professionals that are familiar with these machines. Otherwise, common folk should refrain from using these types of equipment unless they are able to receive proper training from accredited medical facilities in the country.


The Role of Pharmacies

Pharmacies have always been an integral part of professional patient care since their inception many years ago. Modern medicine has made no strides to change this. In fact, these establishments have been at the forefront of providing even more comfort and convenience to patients who might not be able to get out of the house to handle their medical needs on their own.

Medical establishments like Lewis Pharmacy in Palm Beach, Florida have always been there to provide patients in and around the area with full DME services among others. It is the best pharmacy in Florida when it comes to providing pain compound medication, prescription refills, tools for hormone replacement therapy and much more.

In terms of Durable Medical Equipment, Lewis Pharmacy has been known to go above and beyond when it comes to providing patients and families with the right type of equipment for effective home health care from the beginning until today.
If you need free delivery meds or even free hospital bed installations, this particular establishment is also the one for you. We will provide you with a sterile pharmacy environment that will hasten recovery even more, not only for the patient himself, but also for the family as a whole.

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Our online personnel will be there to help you out in case you would need to inquire about more information regarding the full DME services that we can provide apart from those already mentioned.
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With all these available modes of communication, it will certainly be easier for you or any other members of the family to help a recovering patient right away. All you have to do is to gather all the pertinent pieces of information regarding specific patient needs and Lewis Pharmacy will take care of it as soon as possible.

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