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Best Local Pharmacy for Local Hormone Replacement Therapy

Lewis pharmacy is located in the Palm Beach area, Florida and is the Best Local Pharmacy for Local Hormone Replacement Therapy. Many people experience low sex appetite and a feeling of irritability. The two are symptoms of low testosterone levels in men. Andropause is common and if you are experiencing it or wish to have a solution if it occurs in future, our pharmacy is the best pharmacy in city. We provide a number of services and hormone replace therapy is one of those that we offer. We discuss in details the effects of low-testosterone in men with our patients to give them a deep understanding before they choose a way forward. We also show you our methods that are used to ensure a safe hormone replace therapy.

Ever Heard Or Thought Of Medical Weight Loss?

Lewis pharmacy professionals have a process where they treat a patient who is obese to shed off some weight and maintain a given target. Using scientific evidence, the team looks at the cause of the weight and suggests ways of managing it safely. We target people with BMI ranging from 25 to 29.9 and over 30 who are considered obese. Obesity can lead to serious conditions like heart diseases and we help you achieve a suitable weight.

Experienced Staff

Lewis pharmacy prides in their experienced staff that are good in weight management and understand that people are different. Individuals are given different treatment considering their conditions like health profile, metabolism rate and body fat content. We take all the details to determine the effective way to help a patient achieve positive weight.

Lewis is a compounding pharmacy and we professionally create drugs that meet the patient’s unique needs. Our team of health experts combines a number of ingredients to create a new medication for various conditions. In some cases the medics are required to change a medication from solid to liquid to prevent any side effects on the patient and here compounding comes in handy.

Compounding helps patients get a customized prescription for specific ailment. At Lewis pharmacy we are ready to listen to your challenge so that we can formulate medication for you efficiently. We also have a number of pain compounds that patients use to contain various pains. The drug store is well equipped giving the patients a chance to enjoy good health.

Another reason to trust us is our special service of prescription refills. Once you obtain your medication, we have the records and whenever you need refills just give us a call and we have your prescription ready. In fact with the busy schedules, you do not have to fix time to visit our drug store. All you need to do is make a call and we shall deliver your medicine with our free home delivery medics. Visit our website and tell us how we can be helping you to solve your medical problems.

Independent Pharamcy

We are an independent pharmacy near you and we try our best to give you personalized services. Being independent means that we take time to understand what our patients need and giving them the best. Our aim is to ensure that the services given meet the needs of our patients and they in turn develop trust in our drug store for all their ailments.

Our standards are in line with the strict regulations that guide pharmacies in the country. Lewis pharmacy works hard to ensure that all the medications are handled with the care that they require.

Lewis pharmacy offers all-round services from compounding pharmacy, hormone replace therapy, prescription refills, and medical weight loss among others. We also sell wholesale medicine to people in various industries like dispensaries, hospitals and retailers. We act as a link between the drug manufacturers and patients. Besides offering distribution services we provide medication that is safe to our patients. If you need safe and sure medication, visit our website or call us and we shall be happy to serve you.