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If you are looking to have the best establishment that can offer efficient Point-of-Care Testing Services in Florida, it is important that you are able to find a pharmacy that will fit a few important criteria.  These criteria should be able to represent what the medical dispensary can offer and how it can work well with the patient to get the most accurate results possible. 

This way, they could acquire the best type of medication for any condition.


Important Criteria for Point-of-Care Service Pharmacies

Below are some of the most significant criteria as follows:

The CLIA Waiver

Any pharmacy that offers a Point-of-Care testing service should always have a site that is waived under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988.  Before you engage in any pharmaceutical transactions when it comes to Point-of-Care Testing Services, always make sure that they are enrolled as a stiff if CLIA waved testing site.

Business Logistics

Logistics should also be a consideration when it comes to finding the best pharmacy in Florida to perform Point-of-Care Testing Services.  If you can, find out more about the establishment and its business plan as well as the payment methods and follow-up care strategies that may be available for patients who will come to the pharmacy for the test.

The Legal Aspect

In addition to the waiver itself, the pharmacy should always be able to pay applicable certification fees biannually.  This way, they will have liability insurance policies that could serve to cover most of the appropriate legalities when it comes to dispensing medication and immunization products that are relevant when it comes to follow-up patient care.


What Should The Pharmacy Be Able To Offer?

As a pharmacy with Point-of-Care testing services, the establishment should be able to offer expanded patient care opportunities because of the additional tests that they will be able to provide any patient that would visit them for medication and possible treatment follow-up.

Some of the registered tests include the following:

  • Infectious testing for Influenza, Strep and other bacterial and viral infections that might harm the patient.
  • Screening for toxic and chronic diseases such as testing for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Tests for Hepatitis C and Jaundice

Apart from the testing procedure, any Point-of-Care pharmacy should always offer disease monitoring capabilities as well.  This is where the follow-up comes in.  Pharmaceutical personnel should always try to contact every customer that comes in for follow-up regarding their tests and the subsequent results.


Lewis Pharmacy and Point-of-Care

Fortunately, Lewis Pharmacy, the best pharmacy in Palm Beach certainly offers Point-of-Care Testing Services apart from compound medications and hormone replacement therapy.  It is definitely one reason why we remain highly recommended among all other pharmacies in Florida.

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