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Sermorelin Therapy

Sermorelin therapy refers to the process of injecting the secretagogue sermorelin, a mixture of two naturally occurring amino acids, into the body to stimulate the pituitary gland into naturally producing the Human Growth Hormone. Sometimes due to factors like age, our bodies are unable to release the required amount of HGH leading to conditions like weight gain, reduced body mass, loose skin, lowered body density, low sex drive and decreased energy.

Lewis pharmacy offers sermorelin therapy to our patients. Our qualified physicians conduct full medical tests to be able to determine the correct dose specific to your needs so that it’s not too much or too low. We look at your medical history as well as the levels of HGH in your body before starting your treatment.

Sermorelin therapy is used to deal with aging-associated conditions and fighting weight gain, but it is also used in children who have not gone through puberty and are suffering from idiopathic growth hormone deficiency. This helps the children undergo typical growth patterns and fight conditions like dwarfism.

As this therapy stimulates the release of the growth hormone naturally, there is zero to minimal side effects. Once you visit our pharmacy and treatment is prescribed, you can administer the medication from home by use of injection once a day. Our physicians will guide you thoroughly on how to do it safely until you are sure of yourself. We also conduct follow-up tests to confirm if the therapy is working accordingly.


Benefits of sermorelin therapy

  • More Lean Muscle Gain

Sermorelin therapy is associated with fat burning and increased energy levels. Eliminating the fat creates a chance for muscles to develop. More energy gained from the body’s ability to break down fat much faster means the person can exercise and thus gain more muscle.

  • Better Looking Skin

A youthful skin looks even, tight and healthy. This, however, changes as we age and the surface appears wrinkled, loose and there is the formation of cellulite. Sermorelin therapy leads to the increased production of collagen which is responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin. Continued treatment leads to the elimination of wrinkles and the diminished appearance of cellulite.

  • Increase in Libido

Increased energy levels lead to a person feeling vibrant and alert. Getting rid of aging symptoms boosts one’s self-esteem and confidence leading to increased sexual desire and performance.

  • Loss of Body Fat

Elevated levels of HGH cause an increase in the process of burning fat in the body. This means there is a minimal amount of fat stored in the body leading to significant changes in the amount of fat in the body. One can lose weight much faster especially if they combine the therapy with exercise and clean eating


  • Better Heart Health

One of the best benefits of sermorelin therapy is increased cardiovascular strength. This significantly lowers the risk of heart diseases and other associated conditions. Blood can flow smoothly and freely throughout the body for transportation of oxygen and nutrients.

  • Improved Immune Function

A dysfunction or reduced ability for the thyroid could have detrimental effects on a person’s health as the body will not be able to fight disease-causing agents like germs. Hormonal balance and quantity are vital in maintaining a life free of illness. Sermorelin therapy helps in hormonal balance.

  • Improved Overall Health & Wellness

Sermorelin therapy generally leads to a much-improved life as it ensures the body is working at optimum levels. You get to have increased energy, better health, high self-esteem due to improved appearance of the body, stronger and leaner muscles, memory boost, and the change to age gracefully. It is a chance to be at your best regardless of your age, medical issues and body size.

Lewis pharmacy offers the best solution for all your growth hormone deficiency problems by providing Sermorelin therapy. Our medical practitioners are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best medical care possible. Visit us to be able to receive individualized one on one service to determine the proper treatment and dosage to best work on your condition.

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