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Highest grade of protection and good products are is needed in a medical. Because there is a high risk of spreading diseases there. If you have got good medical supplies like AED defibrillator, injectables, and biologicals, gauze, gloves, bulk incontinent supplies, needles, syringes, IV solutions then there’s a good chance that you can protect others and yourself.

Are you looking for a wholesale medical supplier? If you answered yes then you have come to the right place. We provide wholesale medical supplies to our customers at a very competitive price and within very short delivery time. There are following products that we supply in bulk.

IV solutions

For many years we have been tirelessly working and supplying IV solution used in the IV therapy in bulk to our valued customers.


Hands are one of the most valuable assets in the medical profession. Using gloves during medical checkup especially during surgeries is very important because it gives safety to the patient as well as to the doctors from harmful germs. Medical disposable gloves are best for medical purpose.

Disposable gloves are for one time use. So it’s comfortable for the wearer and mostly safe. There’s no chance of getting contaminated. It is most hygienic and so this type of gloves is mostly preferred in medical. Some important issues about disposable medical gloves are:

In a research of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they found that spreading of communicable diseases such as rubella and measles are decreased by the use of protective inventions. Glove prevents potential viruses, infections and other bacterial strains to transmit into the body. patients are very carefully studied and tested by the doctors, gynecologists,    surgeons, and other health experts when they every hospitals and clinic. It is very easy to get attacked by the viruses from the patients. Glove creates a barricade over the skin and saves from contaminants and pathogens. That’s why it’s necessary to wear disposable gloves by not only the doctors but also other stuff of the hospital, clinic or another health care center. And even the staff who maintains the cleanliness should also take protection using gloves.

During surgery, some unwanted accident may happen to the doctors or nurses and they may hurt.  A double thick glove is used during surgery operation So that accident will not occur by the surgical equipment.

Sometimes doctors and pathologists have to work with toxic chemical materials. It is very serious and there is a high risk of getting injured. Our disposable Gloves helps skin to come not in contact with water or other chemical products as it is waterproof as well as other liquids.

Surgical works are very sensitive. Reducing the touch sensitivity, our disposable gloves help to make the task easy and comfortable. Dentists use very small items like tooth cap. Normal gloves are loose and not comfortable to grab this type of small things. Our disposable gloves are the best fit with skin and no problem create while grabbing these objects. Our disposable gloves are very soft for medical examination and intensive surgery. It is also durable and flexible to use.

But there’s a risk of allergy by our gloves. If you have an allergy problem with our gloves you can use vinyl or nitrile disposable gloves. Our disposable gloves have a combination of reasonable price and service. So it becomes so popular in not only medicals but also in other industrial activities. Here are a lot of contents to make you easy to choose your perfect medical glove. So the decision is yours. If you need the best quality at the very competitive price then get in touch with us today.

Bulk incontinent Supplies

It is very important that you get the best quality bulk incontinent supplies from a trusted supplier. We have years of experience and we provide you wholesale incontinent supplies at a reasonable price and within 24 hours. We have hundreds of items to choose from, and our bulk buy option gives you the chance to buy your incontinence product in wholesale and at lower rates as compared to the other suppliers.

Other Bulk Supplies include:

Our other bulk supplies include AED defibrillator, injectable and biologicals, gauze, needles, syringes and many other medical supplies which you may need to run your pharmacy and hospital smoothly. So if you need good products and fewer rates then get in touch with us today.

Our pharmacy also ensures that the individual is thoroughly satisfied with the form of the treatment since we mold the medications according to the individual’s satisfaction. For example, pain medications, which may cause discomfort in swallowing, can be simply turned into crèmes or gels. The product can be easily applied to the affected area, where the skin will absorb it into the bloodstream. Furthermore, we are easy to locate with just one click to our place by either typing “independent pharmacy near you” or “Hormone replaces therapy near me”. We also provide an excellent service in the prescription refills area and provide free home delivery medications. With all such services, Lewis pharmacy has been over the years, proven to be the most trustworthy pharmacy amongst our clients, for providing solutions according to their needs.