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Have you ever heard of the term pharmacy compounding, but is generally confused about what it really means and how it can affect your life as a patient?  If the answer is yes, then this article is the one that you should be reading right now.  I will discuss the many benefits of pharmacy compounding and how it can affect positive change in the lives of patients here in Palm Beach, FL and around the world.


What Is Pharmacy Compounding?

Compounding is the process of creating drugs or any particular pharmaceutical product that caters to the patient’s unique set of needs.  This works is such a way where various experts in the medical field combine a multitude of appropriate ingredients to formulate different types of medications for a myriad of conditions.

For example, if a medical expert wants to change the state of the medication from solid to liquid in order to avoid any adverse side effects to the patient, pharmaceutical compounding is one way of doing so without harming the patient.

Now that you already know what pharmaceutical compounding really is, I can now proceed to explaining the many benefits of pharmaceutical compounding especially when done by professionals.


Benefits of Working with a Compounding Pharmacy

First of all, you as the patient will be able to get targeted medication especially formulated for your own specific ail.  By going to a compounding pharmacy like Lewis, you will be able to provide enough information about your specific condition so that we at Lewis Pharmacy would be able to help you out with as much efficiency as possible.

I also highly recommend Lewis Pharmacy for any prescription refills that you might need eventually after obtaining your medication.  This is truly the best pharmacy in Palm Beach, Florida when it comes to providing medication for every condition.

Another advantage that you will get from this particular pharmacy is that we can provide you with free home delivery medication.  This means that you would not have to leave your house just to get the medical help that you need.

All you would have to do is to visit our website and contact us right away for everything that you will need in terms of recovery.  Lewis Pharmacy will provide everything for you.


Patients Who Can Work With Compounding Pharmacies

Before deciding if compounding pharmaceuticals is the one for you, you should learn more about the criteria utilized for determining whether or not a patient would be qualified to work with compounding pharmacies for their medical needs.

Here are some of the most outstanding criteria as follows:

  • Any patient who would require a specially medicated formulation as part of a treatment plan
  • If a patient is unable to take commercially prepared prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs, medical compounding is the solution for you.
  • At the same time, if a patient requires allergen free medication, working with a pharmacist will definitely help alleviate the condition.
  • In addition to this, patients who have problems absorbing medication normally can seek help from Lewis Pharmacy as well.  The medical experts will surely do their best to help you out.
  • Pharmaceutical compounding can also work for veterinary medicine especially if the animal patient needs to have a change in dosage and drug administration.


Additional Information

Medical compounding is also needed for children who would only take in flavored medication.  This is why I highly recommend Lewis Pharmacy.  They are able to work with children as well as adults in terms of making various types of medication palatable and easier to take.

This particular establishment was also helpful when it came to my own hormone replacement therapy needs.  Since the doctor recommended that I take specially formulated medications to use my body into hormonal transition, I had to seek professional help from a compounding pharmacy like Lewis.

They were able to provide hormone replacement therapy near me in Palm Beach.  I did not have to travel too far to get the medical attention that I needed.


Personalized Medication

One of the overall benefits of this particular procedure for me was that I got my very own personalized medication for my specific condition.  Because of the personalized nature, patients like me were sure that there would be fewer side effects after intake.

I would never have gotten such targeted care from common over-the-counter drugs.


Individualized Care

Another advantage that you will get from working with Lewis Pharmaceuticals is that you would get the personal touch that every patient needs just like I did.  The pharmacists will surely take their time in getting to know you and your needs to be able to create the best line of medications for your specific condition.

This way, it reduces the risk of infection or allergies down the line.  Also, you can be assured that the compounded drugs in Lewis Pharmacy are properly regulated.  This means that there would be fewer chances of you getting medications without the proper dosage required.

All you need to do is to contact the website or landline number (561) 220-7767 to get the special medications that you need without difficulty. 

If I were you, I will go ahead and visit the website right away.  It will also provide you with all the other bits of information that you need to be able to understand how Lewis Pharmacy works and how it helped people like us get better sooner rather than later.

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