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A scar is a mark that remains on the outer skin resulted from various reasons such as burn, wound, sore etc. Some scars disappear in a short time while some scars remain for a long period of time on the body. Our body functions to heal the damaged part because of wound or burns. It creates new collagen protein to the damaged area which results in a scar. A scar is a repair of our skin. It is known as process of naturally healing.


Can scars be replaced by normal skin?

Many people are concerned that whether the scar will be removed from the body skin completely or not. Lewis Pharmacy, Palm Beach Island is the right place for scar treatment and post-surgery cream. We are the best pharmacy of Palm Beach rated by our customers.

Upon visiting Lewis Pharmacy, Palm Beach our professional team of doctors and nurses shall ask you various questions in relation to your damaged tissue of the skin because of wound or burns. Scars can be made on the body due to a number of reasons. After a thorough assessment of the patient, our doctors shall guide you through various alternative treatment options available.

Lewis Pharmacy has many different medical treatments available as follows:


Laser Surgery:

It is very common surgery on the body which is used to remove the skin tissue having a scar. It is commonly known as Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgery is performed on the outer layer of our skin only. Photothermolysis is the basis of the dermatology skin surgery.

Laser surgery helps in removing scars, birthmarks and tattoos. Laser lights focus on the cells in the area under treatment until it becomes a normal skin. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is also used in some of the laser water can absorb the laser light effectively. 


Photorejuvenation treatment:

A laser is also used for this treatment to remove the scars. This is commonly used in removing dark spots on the skin. Photorejuvenation treatment removes the damaged area by forming new cells.

Intense Pulsed Light is used for Photorejuvenation treatment. It also helps in removing the wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.


Collagen Injecting Treatment:

Under this treatment, surgeon punctures the skin on a continuous basis with the help of proper needles. The surgeon injects the collagen in the damaged area of the body skin. This treatment is very effective for curing the scars. Sometimes, Collagen is also combined with the plasma to have better results of the treatment.


Z Plasty:

It is a type of plastic surgery which helps to remove the scars of the area which is damaged and makes a better appearance of the skin. It reduces the scar by rotating the scar line. The procedure is usually performed to lengthen the tight scars which are contracted.



Dermabrasion is performed by our team of professional doctors which is specifically used to improve the look of the skin. It helps to reduce effect of a scar and also helps in making the perfect skin.

Under this therapy, diamond wheel or wire brush is used which is used to cure the upper layer of the body skin. It removes the upper layer of the skin and helps in forming the new skin.


Skin Grafting:

This is the transplantation of the skin which is wounded or burnt. When the scar is big or extensive, skin grafting is often recommended. Above all surgery is usually performed with the complete help of anaesthetic professionals.

Once skin grafting treatment is performed by our surgeons, they prescribe various medications while the patient is under observation. Our doctors shall give you proper schedule and follow up plan which patient needs to follow.

Being the best pharmacy of the Palm Beach, Lewis Pharmacy prescribes the best creams which can cure the scar effectively.


Delivery of creams and drugs:

Lewis Pharmacy, Palm Beach provides the free delivery of drugs to the desired location of the patient. We do not charge EXTRA besides the medications.  Lewis Pharmacy also refills the prescription by just calling or filling the form online.

Unlike other drug chain stores, we were an independent pharmacy of Palm Beach, have the privileges to customise the treatment which best suits our patients. We always believe to remain a step ahead in our industry.

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