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Veterinary Compounding with Lewis Pharmacy

What is veterinary compounding?  How can it affect your pets in a positive manner?  If you want these questions answered along with other more pertinent ones, our pharmaceutical experts at Lewis Pharmacy can help provide all the information that you need to know.  We will give you data on the basics of veterinary compounding and how it can help you better take care of your pets down the line.

Veterinary compounding refers to the process of customizing and manipulating drugs to match the needs of a particular animal patient.  This ought to be done by a professional veterinarians and pharmacists within the limits of the Food and Drug Administration and Extra Label Drug Use regulations.


Compounding Examples

Below are some of the most common examples of appropriate veterinary compounding drugs and medications that Lewis Pharmacy can provide.

  • Creating various injectable drug combinations
  • Oral paste preparation
  • Crushed tablet suspension
  • Drug flavoring addition

These various preparations can only be done with FDA approved drugs both for animals and for humans.  According to the law, doing this in bulk is prohibited.  There are exact measurements to be followed for the medications to be approved accordingly.


Compounded vs. Generic

Compounded drugs are different from generic drug products in the sense that the latter is FDA approved.  The former, though formulated by utilizing FDA-approved generic drugs is currently still not authorized by the FDA.

Generic animal drug products should be given proper identification by filing for an Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application.  After this, a series of numbers will be applied onto their official labels accordingly.  This will set them apart from animal drugs that are not FDA-approved.


Precautions and Possible Problems

As a veterinarian, you should be aware of the basics of compounding including formulation and proper release into the system.  Failure to comply with these regulations will result to impacting the quality of the drug significantly.

Because of this, the concentration of ingredients may be affected adversely which can lead to complicated side effects for the animal patients when used.  Here are some steps that could help minimize the dangers of negatively affecting the medical balance of various medications for animals through compounding.

Additionally, the mixture should always be done by professional pharmacists or veterinarians only.  This should be done because these medical professionals are the only ones who know the proper dosage needed for each patient.

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The Final Decision

Final decisions regarding the use of compounded medications for animal patients should always come from the veterinarian.  He should make the decision based on thorough medical investigation results and evidence.

In addition to this, compounding should also be used within the confines of the law.  In particular, The Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act encompasses the laws and ordinances regarding medical compounding for animals.

It would be best to consult the guidelines of this law before consulting a medical professional for you to be aware of the limitations for yourself.


When Should You Compounded Veterinary Medications?

Compounded medications should always be done within a limited capacity.  Here are some of the circumstances that can warrant the use of compounded medications as follows:

It should be done with drugs that are safe to ingest, products that have been tested for efficacy and stability.  The compounded drugs should also be tested before being administered to the patient.

Constant monitoring should always be done after administration.  This way, the doctors will be aware of any side effects that the compounded drugs may have on the animal patient itself.


Handling the Medications

Additionally, handling compounded drugs should also mirror how conventional drugs are usually being handled.  This entails counseling for the client as well as the people related to the owner so that they would be aware of the possible side effects of compounded veterinary drugs for the patient.



Through counseling, the owner will also be given advice regarding how to handle possible negative side effects in the future.  They will also be given information about what they can do in case of therapeutic failure.  Should they change the drug protocol or should they wait it out until they see favorable effects?

Either way, various pet owners should be made aware of the possible ingredients that may be included in the formulation.  In addition to this, they should also be informed regarding the lack of FDA approval for compounded drugs.

This way, the clients as well as their pets will be aware of any financial side effects and repercussions that the drug might have on their pets.

These are just some of the many things that you should remember before taking on the challenge of working with compounded veterinary medicine.  Always remember that the pet will get well soon enough if he undergoes medical treatment within the proper dosage parameters.

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