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Lewis pharmacy is an all-round pharmacy offering a wide range of services including compounding medicine, prescription refills, medical weight loss, and peptide therapy among many other services. We are also known for wholesale distribution of medicine which involves selling of medicine, drugs, and pharmaceutical preparations to various people in the medical industry like research institutions, retailers, dispensaries, and hospitals.

Lewis pharmacy acts as a link between drug manufacturers and doctors/patients. Our major role as a distributor is to ensure thousands of health practitioners and patients receive medicine that is safe to take and is proven to be of top quality. Greed has led to cartels that are only interested in having a handsome payday thus end up selling unsafe and untested drugs to unsuspecting buyers.


We have undergone through all the necessary inspections and acquired a wholesale drug license that gives us the mandate to legally sell medicine in bulk. We are registered with the Florida Department of State, the Florida Department of Revenue, and the IRS. We also have a working license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. To ensure that the drugs we distribute to our clients is safe, we comply with all the FDA regulations and on top of that, we take extra measures that include:

  • The only drugs we deal with are FDA approved. This is used as a surety that the drugs have undergone through vigorous testing and retesting to ensure they are safe to use and that they function according to the purpose of creation. For example, a drug is tested to find out if it can cure headaches before it is approved for that medical use. Dealing with unapproved drugs may prove fatal as one cannot be certain which ingredients were used during manufacture and whether or not a conducive environment was created during transportation and storage.
  • We physically go through the drugs to catch any irregularities that might go unnoticed. We do this by;
  • Checking the drug name to make sure it is similar to the one that is FDA approved
  • Ensure that the labeling is done in English
  • Confirming that the date on the carton and the one on the label on the container are identical so as to track their expiry dates
  • Comparing packaging with the FDA approved one to see if it is the same product.
  • We also check the drugs to make sure that they come with drug information and a warning. It is the right of every patient to understand the contents of the drug they are taking, which conditions it is used to treat, drug interactions, dosage, and any mild or severe side effects that might occur after taking the medication.


Advantages of purchasing wholesale drugs from Lewis Pharmacy

  • We give you the best prices in the market. This enables you to save money that would have been spent from buying at a higher price from a retail seller. We also create a room for negotiations for our regular clients to foster a better relationship
  • It is convenient for you as you will get all types of drugs under one roof. No need to visit several outlets to get what you need
  • Minimal risk of buying counterfeit drugs. The strict process of acquiring licenses and getting drugs ensures that the drugs we sells are authentic and approved
  • We offer deliveries to your home or offices depending on what you prefer as the client
  • Our direct link to manufactures gives us a special position to know when and if a drug might cease from being produced. This information is vital for patients who depend on these drugs. By informing them, they are able to consult their physician on  other alternative medicine that would function the same.


To ensure the drugs we distribute are safe, we keep a record of every reposted case of adverse, new or lack of side effects to the FDA's MedWatch program. We do this so that further investigation can be conducted to determine why such side effects occur and if it should be withdrawn from the market to make it better and with fewer side effects.

We are honored to partner with FDA and other distributors in a worthy cause of protecting the thousands of consumers from accessing drugs that are considered unsafe and ineffective. Feel free to visit our pharmacy at Palm Beach Florida to get the best drugs for your patients or for personal use. We are here to provide the best services and prices when it comes to wholesale distribution of drugs.

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